Mapp Potluck & Program Deadline

Pathos-on-Harrison, 2754 Harrison @ 23rd, San Fransisco

MAPP Potluck, Bring something to eat something to sip, a musical instrument!

The MAPP program deadline for December 5th MAPP is Monday November 30th: In order to be included in the printed MAPP program we need this information in this order. Email entry to Under this list is an example of a complete submission.

MAPP program Template: 1. Name of Venue 2. Address (including cross streets) 3. Curator 4. Beginning and ending time for each performer. Followed by name of performer and a 3 to 4 word description. 5. If you have a visual exhibition. Please include the name of exhibition, artist and 3 word description.

Please ONLY include a 3 to 4 word description of each artist. It is always difficult to fit all the venues in the program. And it is time consuming for our all volunteer MAPP crew to have to edit each entry.

Example: Cholo Collective Gallery 2784 Folsom @ 23rd Curator: Ruben Dario 7:00-7:45 Santos Perdidos (Afro-Cuban dance music) 8:00-8:45 Stina Da Silva: (Portuguese Acoustic singer songwriter) 9-00-11:00 La Gente (Reggae, Latin, Hip-Hop) "Concrete Corners" Visual Exhibition of The photography of Marina Sanchez